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Frequently asked questions

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Is registration and subscription mandatory to use Wonderkids?

Registration is mandatory, as we need kids school and class details to show relevant content. But, subscription is not mandatory, as we offer 10 questions free practice on a daily basis. On special occasions and during exam days, we increase this free limit also for all students to benefit. 

What is Wonderkids?

Wonderkids is an online platform to make learning fun for kids. Currently it is available for students till class 5.  

What all can kids learn on Wonderkids?

Wonderkids' focus is not only on Mathematics but also on creative, social and physical aspects of a student's life. Keep browsing Wonderkids to explore our super exciting products / modules.  

Is Wonderkids available for school registrations also?

Yes, Schools can register on our platform to provide good discounts to students. Please reach out to us via Contact Us.

What is the meaning of the levels and what do they signify?

Levels are determined so that there is parity when students are competing with each other. For Ex: When you are a new user, your level would be 0, and you would be competing for ranks with all users who are at Level 0, and so would be the case for all users at different levels.

How can I score points?

By marking correct answers, you get positive points and ranks improve. And by answering wrong, you get negative points, which means your total score and thus ranks will fall.

By fulfilling certain targets like daily streaks, and correct quetsion streaks you get boosters, which further increase your correct question points, might reduce your negative points etc.

Can I challenge my friends for a Maths battle?

You can participate with your friends in daily / weekly quizzes which we'll be launching from time to time. Also, for each subtopic / topic and at overall levels you may compare your ranks across schools and within your school on leaderboard page.

Till what point should I keep practicing a certain subtopic and what do stars mean against a subtopic?

Against each subtopic, you find stars, which show your competency level for that skill. Once you answer a question correctly you get half star showing you have started that subtopic successfully. Once you keep answering correctly your level keeps increasing till you get 3 stars i.e. Number Ninja, and then your expertise level also increases. 

I want to practice a subtopic, but it is not available in contents, what do I do?

Please feel free to reach out to us via Contact Us / Customer Support secton and let us know the topic and preferably 1 sample question, we'll try our best to include that subtopic ASAP. 

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